No Smoke, No Mirrors, No Cameras

>> 16 July 2008

Radiohead (the greatest band in the world) has made a music video without using cameras! CRAZY!

And here's how they did it.

Enjoy and let me know what you think.


More Mashups

>> 10 July 2008

While my last post was hopefully getting you excited about the potential of mashups - I have a follow up post! The new Girl Talk album, Feed the Animals is available for download. It is a "pick-your-price" download (in other words, it's free).

Here's the URL:

And, it's awesome.




>> 09 July 2008

Dear Internet,

If you don't know about mash-ups, then now would be a good time to learn about them. They are a basic music of the internet age. Basically, it works like this - musicians write and record songs and then DJs and other people with computers combine two or more songs to create a mash-up. Here are some examples -

This song, "December 4th" by DJ Danger Mouse is a mashup of "December 4th" by Jay-Z and "Mother Nature's Son" by the Beatles. Incidentally, Jay-Z was cool with it - the guy who made this got a cease and desist from the Beatles.

DJ Danger Mouse - December 4th

This one is a mash-up of The Pretenders and The White Stripes: "Sweet Dreams are made of Seven Nation Army"

There are tons of these on the internet, some are pretty cool. Some are pretty lame. Either way, it's interesting. And illegal. Copyright laws are insane. Speaking of which - Van Morrison harassed this e-blog when I tried to write about him. Jerk.


E-Bloggers' Block

>> 06 July 2008

Well, Internet. It turns out that I don't have any ideas of things to e-blog about. So, I am going to attempt to REVERSE E-BLOG (or "GOLB-E ESREVER", if you want to get technical). Maybe some of you are asking, "what is a reverse e-blog?" If so, then you're in luck because I am about to explain it!

Ordinarily, an e-blog functions like so:
The e-blogger comes up with a topic, generally of moderate interest and dubious originality. Then, the e-blogger says everything he or she knows about this thing and finds a you-tube video to tie it all together. Then the readers of the e-blog can make comments about the post.

"How To Embed a Youtube Video in an E-Blog"

(See what I did there?)

A Reverse E-Blog works (you guessed it...) in REVERSE. This means that the E-Blogger does not have to come up with the "CONTENT" of the post. He (or she...usually she) just asks a question and then counts on readers to post interesting answers to the question.

So, I'll give it a shot. Most likely, this is going to be a disaster, but whatever. My question for this reverse e-blog is: "What is the best technique to survive an encounter with a bear?" Okay, let's see how this turns out!


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