Big Ideas # 001

>> 29 June 2010

The other day while trying to prevent the cat from escaping through the front door it hit me: House-cats are just wild animals with Stockholm syndrome.


Junk Food Review: Doritos Tacos at Midnight

>> 01 June 2010

Today, at the grocery store, Doritos were on sale. Readers of this e-blog may be aware that I am an avid fan of Cool Ranch Doritos. However, today in the grocery store, I decided that I would branch out and try these new Tacos at Midnight Doritos. In order to spare you, my e-friends, the culinary anguish that I have experienced, I wish to share my first junk food review.

Apparently, the marketing and product development whizzes who are responsible for the creation of Doritos products think that an authentic taco tastes like the contents of one of those envelops of powdered taco meat seasoning combined with as much salt as possible. If you were to chew up a handful of tortilla chips and, then, without swallowing, add the contents of an entire salt-shaker and one of these:
...then you would have a basic idea of what these chips taste like.

The designation, 'at midnight' initially seemed to be nothing more than a way to spice up the product name. Tacos at Midnight sounds much more alluring than Chips That Taste Like Taco Meat. Now I realize that the name was carefully chosen to evoke some sort of late-night taco craving that follows a night of heavy drinking. Truthfully, it is difficult to imagine that anyone could become so intoxicated that they would want to eat these chips. Maybe as part of a dare.

In summary, do your mouth a favor and don't make the same mistake that I did. Go with Cool Ranch.


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